8BitDo SN30 Pro+ Review: Vintage Style Meets Modern Hardware & Software


The SN30 Pro+ is the first full-size gaming controller from 8BitDo, building upon an already strong monitor report of smaller-sized choices. With the SN30 Pro+, 8BitDo maintains the traditional Nintendo design cues and trendy options current in different models, however offers sturdy software on the Pc that enables deep customization choices.

At first look it seems like a SN30 Pro with handles, however its larger dimension makes it extra comfortable for longer gaming sessions. And while the SN30 Pro+ is one of the best pro controller option for the Nintendo Switch, it has some stiffer competition on the Pc-which is where I’ll be focusing this overview.

The SN30 Pro+ is an SN30 Pro on steroids

The SN30 Pro+ is at the moment priced at $forty nine on Amazon and comes in three shade configurations: Sn Edition (SNES colour scheme), lithium ion battery battery pack G Classic Edition (Gameboy), and Black Edition. It really works on Windows 7 and above, macOS 10.7 and above, Android 4.0 and above, Steam, Nintendo Switch, and Rasberry Pi. It uses Bluetooth 4.Zero to attach and costs the included battery pack by way of USB-C, but will change over to wired mode when plugged in. The 1,000mAh battery pack can also be removable and will be swapped out for AA batteries. Powering on and switching between input modes is the same as with previous 8BitDo controllers, as is pairing and reading the 4 LED indicators.

SN30 Pro+ hardware

When laid subsequent to one another it’s instantly obvious how the SN30 Pro was the idea for the SN30 Pro+’s design. While visually they’re comparable, the texture of every controller in the hand is totally completely different. The SN30 Pro+’s addition of handles changes the way the controller is placed in your fingers, offering a steadier grip and more comfortable thumb placement on the thumbsticks. The handles are thinner than those on the Xbox One controller, lithium battery however nonetheless matches properly inside the palm. Overall it’s comparable in dimension, weight, and structure to the DualShock 4 controller.

The SN30 Pro+ extra intently resembles the bodily layout of the DualShock 4 than the Xbox One controller

The buttons and sticks on the face of the SN30 Pro+ have shifted ever so barely-we’re speaking sub-millimeter measurements-to permit a bit extra room between each enter choice. The thumbsticks are just a tad wider, and the face buttons are slightly further from the sticks, to call a couple of changes. It’s a small, refined, however welcome enchancment. As for the feel of the face buttons, d-pad, and thumb sticks, it’s virtually an identical to that of the SN30 Pro that got here before it. In case you have almost any issues relating to exactly where and the best way to utilize rechargeable battery review, you’ll be able to e mail us at our webpage. The practical distinction I might feel was that the d-pad is a bit more mushy, however that could possibly be inside the boundaries of manufacturing and not an intentional change. The main input modifications are the expanded shoulder/trigger inputs.

The full sized shoulder buttons and triggers on the SN30 Pro+ in comparison with the slim ones on the SN30 Pro

The L and R buttons on the shoulders of the SN30 Pro+ are positioned like they could be on the SNES, and so they feel nice. They’ve just the correct amount of click on to them. Are more comfortable to make use of than the slivers on the SN30 Pro. The L2 and R2 triggers at the moment are larger and provide analog movement with adjustable trigger sensitivity (extra on that later). Once again, the SN30 Pro+’s triggers resemble the ‘paddles’ on the DualShock 4 rather than the ‘gun style’ triggers on the Xbox One. The resistance on them could be very nice. Feels nice to use even in twitch video games.

My only gripes with the design is that the ‘face’ of the controller is angled a bit more away from me than I would prefer. It signifies that my thumbs rest properly on the thumbsticks, however have to succeed in a bit when moving to the upper inputs like the X button and Up on the d-pad. It’s a desire factor, and could be good for some, but I favor the placement of the Xbox One controller inputs.

The controllers face angles away, just like the DualShock four

On high of that, the A and B buttons are swapped from how they are laid out for X-enter. I don’t look down at my controller when I’m playing so it’s not a really problem at all, however visually it’s backwards and one thing to note.

8BitDo Ultimate Software

Connecting the SN30 Pro+ to a Pc and putting in 8BitDo’s Ultimate Software unlocks a whole host of recent options that aren’t obtainable on any other controller-let alone 8BitDo’s. Together with easy options like button remapping and vibration control, the last word Software has choices for adjustable controls on the sticks and triggers.

Thumbstick configuration in 8BitDo’s Ultimate Software

Think about how the Xbox One Elite controller has its hardware-primarily based set off locks, limiting the movement of the trigger to half the size of the pull. On the SN30 Pro+ it’s a digital studying reasonably than a physical one, that means I can have the set off register as totally pulled by solely pulling it part of the way in which. It’s also possible to change the point at which the set off pull will get registered, eliminating false presses. This may be achieved for each set off and thumbstick individually, and provides limitless options for the way you tailor your play fashion.

Trigger configuration in 8BitDo’s Ultimate Software

For the most half I left the triggers and sticks in the default position, however I added a profile to the controller for shooters. On this profile I’ve the left set off register a full pull at around halfway, that means my gun raises faster to look down the sights. I even have my left thumbstick register as fully activated at around halfway, that means my character goes from standing to working quicker within the games where I don’t need to sneak or have finer movement control outside of aiming down the sights.

The final major characteristic to note is the option to map macros. Macros may be assigned to buttons and activated by pressing Up on the d-pad and urgent Star (located to the left of the left thumbstick). The setup could be very simple to make use of. Can be very useful for many who want it.

Macro configuration in 8BitDo’s Ultimate Software

After any change you make inside the ultimate Software, you should sync it to the controller before it takes impact. You additionally must stop out of the software for it to mount back right into a usable state on the Pc, that means you can’t have the appliance open during your gaming session to tweak settings on the fly. 8BitDo’s first full-sized controller stands with the Xbox One. DualShock four as a fantastic option to make use of on the Pc. It presents the same construct high quality and reliable capabilities in comparison with the bigger gamers in the area, however it’s the final word Software expertise that units it apart.

Choosing between the SN30 Pro+ and the Xbox One controller comes down the choice of dimension and format of the buttons. But I would easily take the SN30 Pro+ over a DualShock 4 on Pc in case you desire the facet-by-side stick structure. A laptop gamer still may gravitate towards the more portable providing of the SN30 Pro, which is a good choice resulting from its measurement and full performance.

8BitDo took some time to launch the SN30 Pro+ after announcing it at E3 2018, but having the last word Software device made this controller well worth the wait. The hardware design continues to impress, and the inclusion of a removable, rechargeable battery is the right approach to differentiate itself further from the other controller options. Whether enjoying modern games or emulating the classics, the SN30 Pro+ comes highly advisable.

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