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Buying a home is one of the largest transactions that you’re likely to undertake in your lifetime. A lot of people become overwhelmed and confused by the process, deciding to do nothing or failing to understand the most important steps. As you start the process, understand what to expect from each phase and how long it will be. The more educated you are about the process, the more chances you have of avoiding unexpected surprises later on. It’s also best to check up any notifications before closing a deal. Verify all your information and make sure all your documents are signed before signing for anything else.

A title basically asserts your legal right to possess a particular real estate property and use it within the limitations and restrictions set by authorities or by the previous owners. Complications, including loss of the title or a lien, would mean legal and financial consequences for both the buyer and the seller.

Title Insurance

Title Insurance Agency in and around your area! I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “it’s in the title”. Why have a dream home that could be denied to you. Because there are liens on the property or legal issues with the title? You need Title Insurance if there are restrictions on your use of property. Enforcement with the property, or if you are planning on borrowing money from a bank. Our experienced agents will provide expert advice and fast, accurate closings for all of your title closing services needs! If fast, accurate closings what you’re looking for cal land we would honored if you chose Capital Abstract Title & Closing!

The one significant difference between the two is the use of title insurance. A buyer’s attorney may request that an owner’s title insurance policy (a copy of which will mailed to you). Provided as part of the closing package so that a complete. Free and clear title search has done on your behalf on any land or structures that are included in the sale.

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Next, you’ll sign the title before witnesses which will record the name or names of the current owner and the transferee. The signature used to validate that the chain of ownership has transferred to you (the new owner). And is a legal document that you can use to establish your right to title insurance in case of allegations regarding title status (fraud, forgery, etc.). You’re also signing it in your own best interest, as that document makes clear that. This purchase is legally complete and will function as your proof of ownership – it’s a “quit claim deed”. Since you acquired an asset with no encumbrances. And finally, the title company will submit the notarized signature page to their records (per their statute). So they have a public record showing that you are now in possession of the property and may transfer if necessary.


Unless you have a specific reason to avoid involving title companies in your real estate transactions. You’ll likely save time and money by purchasing title services from them. That said, if your transaction is complex or involves substantial amounts of time, energy. Or money, it might be worth your while to hire a separate closing agent for your title closing services.

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