How do you find that the house wasp is not a bee?


An outdoor picnicker will find “Bees” biggest annoyance and reason he would tell you for his hatred is their nonchalant character of landing on uncovered food. Many a picnics were aborted due to bees’ menace or is it wasps? They in defense of the new found bounty will not hesitate to sting and this ability proves that the offenders are actually not bees but their cousins “Wasps”. The big difference between wasps and bees is their opposite characteristic related to their stings.

Bees die after a sting but wasps can sting you multiple times and coolly breeze away with their stingers intact. Swatting at those intruders may prove dangerous because they always manage to evade physical attacks and sting victims to cause extreme pain. If you have wasps infestation you should immediately call up on the expertise of BBPP, the most effective wasps removal Vaughan and get rid of them before they cause further damage.

Have a close look at the winged menace?

If you see bees or wasps buzzing around take a close look to identify and differentiate them. Yellow jacket wasps the fiercest of them all will look very similar to the size and features of a bee.  Actually both these species belong to the same order of Hymenoptera in which category ants also fall.

Key differences between bee and wasp

  • Close look will reveal that both honey bee and yellow jacket have bullet shaped body which is surrounded by stripes. Both of them have wings but closer look at their behavior will tell a different story.
  • Honey bees have a light fur cover on their body which helps them to collect pollens. Yellow jacket wasp has a crew cut which is more suitable for predatory activities. They also
  • Bees hunt for honey while wasps for both sugary foods and meat.
  • Yellow jacket wasps built like warriors and they use it to full effect to capture insects
  • Bees perish after stinging victims once but wasps can administer multiple stings and still remain unaffected. Bee’s barbs or stingers fall off after a sting but wasps can sting repeatedly without losing their stingers and that makes them more dangerous.
  • Wasps have aerodynamic body which nipped at the waist and are able to swiftly conduct raid and grab food. They will in the same manner move in quickly to sting their victims at alarming speeds
  • Bees made up of yellow and brown color strips where as yellow jackets have black and


Next time when you sit around the table or on a picnic mat make sure. That the uninvited guest hovering over your food is not bees. Identifying by sight you will be able to save your pain. Yellow jackets stings are extremely painful and could become lethal if they attack as a mob. Do not swat at them with a rolled newspaper or a paper plate because. You are likely to be at the receiving end of angry group of wasps. The best thing to do when you see wasps at your home is to call professional. Pest control Vaughan such as BBPP, the best in the business to remove them. You can contact them on phone number 647 910 6315 or through email to info@bbppcanada.com  and get a free quote.  

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