Measures you can take to prevent mice infestation in your home


Mice at home are a big headache. They can get on your nerves and let down your mood and always keep you on edge when you hear them rampaging through your home. Mice get in to your homes in search of food and shelter, once they are established they start the process of producing pups and they do it at breakneck speed. In a few months of infestation you may have several dozen mice eating your food, damaging your property, and spreading filth and diseases. If you are living under such circumstances you should get rid of the infestation by calling BBPP, the best mice control service Vaughan and for nearby areas.

How to get rid of mice?

Keep it clean

The best way that you can get rid of them is by denying the essentials that they need for survival. They need food and shelter to survive and you can start with denying them food. Most people are in the habit of leaving kitchen sink filled with leftovers, which is a potential lure for the mice. Some dump the leftover food in to open bins which is clear invitation to mice. Leave the leftovers in to a tightly lidded trash bin and clean kitchen and dining surfaces off food and use water mixed with disinfectant to clean the food preparation area, counters and area around cooking range.  

Pack them tight

Store food in metal or thick plastic containers and make sure they are tightly closed. Mice have sharp incisors for the purpose of ripping, cutting and tearing things and paper bags, thin plastic containers or cloth bags do not stand a chance against them.

Place traps

The conventional traps are effective in capturing mice. You can place peanut butter or a piece of cheese inside the trap to lure them. The results may not be instant because mice are suspicious characters so they may take some time before they muster the courage to enter traps.

Close entries

This is the first thing you should have done however it is not too late and you can always close the small holes and crevices find in your walls, crawl spaces, foundation, basement etc. Mice are small and tiny and are capable of entering tightest holes by collapsing their bodies and squeezing through. Make sure these entry points are closed using impenetrable materials like steel wool, steel wire mesh, caulk or cement. Close the gaps below the doors and replace broken window panes. Also check and close pipe entry points as they are potential entry points for the tiny mouse. 

Adopt a cat

This is another home grown idea which is found to be effective against mice. If the infestation is in budding stage this ploy will work very well and cat will be able to hunt down the mice and make a meal of them.

How to prevent Mice?

Mice prevention starts from your exterior, where barns, outhouses and garden. It is a habit of people to dump unwanted things in their backyard. Garden is another place where residents dump items like old bicycle, baseball bats, and pile of logs, cartons, cardboard boxes, masonry and other such things. Actually these items help rodents to get in to your house.

First mice occupy your exterior and build nests in overgrowth, pile of logs, tree cavities, cardboard boxes, trees, underground burrows, and other refuse you have left in your yard. The foundation and preparation for infestation is thus initiated and mice start invading your interior when they find food shortage outside.

To prevent mice first you must clear the above mentioned areas in your outdoors. Do not throw food articles, do not keep bucket of water or allow water puddles in your garden. Empty bird feed and store seeds, nuts, bird seeds and castle feed in impenetrable storage containers. If you are storing firewood outside you must store them at a height of 2-feet above the ground.

Outdoor must be kept clean of food items and nest building materials such as old sofa fillings, newspaper, old documents, packing materials, old furniture, and fibrous materials.  If you have a tree or trees leaning towards your roof, you must trim, prune or cut the branch. Also make sure that pipe entry points on the wall or roof is devoid of any gap. Use blocking materials like caulk, steel wool ball etc to seal those entry points. This is the most effective mice prevention methods because mice vacate places where food and water is not available. 

Call professionals These mice removal ideas should work if you are having an infestation of small size. You will need expert mice exterminators such as BBPP, the most effective pest control service Vaughan and also for towns located nearby. You can contact the pest control company on phone number 647-910-6315 or by sending mail to info@bbppcanada.com and get a free quote.

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