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If, as is admitted, the impulse which moves the subordinate to behave, rightfully proceeds from the central authority — if the subordinate has no discretion in the premises, but must obey, and his duties are purely ministerial and executive, it will seem that the sovereign disposition which required him to act, can’t be considered a mere nullity, even though by no means in fact obeyed. The case referred to; and if the order to place in possession was not a grant in that case, neither can or not it’s so thought of on this. Forbes, the approval and the agreement accredited are earlier than us, and we’ve already seen that they contain no allusion to any concession of land by an alcalde. In all the transactions between the events, the idea is however as quickly as suggested, that the approval of the junta’s contract with Castillero imported a ratification of the alcalde’s concession of three thousand varas. No grants had been made from land in California subsequent to May 13, 1846. Because the land was not severed from the general public domain by the outline in the concession, or by authorized survey, or by any definite occupation. The mode adopted and the precautions observed by the supreme government in signifying its willingness that such a grant ought to be made, will hereafter be adverted to. But with respect to the agreement made with Castillero, and approved by the supreme government, the report may be very express. The proper responsibility of the governor as the Executive organ of the division.” It will be noticed that the terms of this dispatch aren’t in some respects so strong as these of the dispatch of Lanzas. Lafragua’s report in December of the identical year. Confided of ascertaining the means &c., of the petitioner and “judging of the propriety of the grant.” But no matter he might have advised Mr. Some stress has been laid on the use of the word “concedido,” or “granted,” within the marginal “acuerdo” of Becerra. That the agreement was by no means so drawn up and executed is admitted; and on the twenty ninth of May an order was made for the cost of the Notary Calapiz “for proceedings relative to it,” its consummation having been prevented by the order suspending all payments out of the quicksilver fund. What the settlement was, which, after the approval of the federal government had been obtained, the junta and Castillero had fixed upon and almost consummated by a proper act before a notary, we study from the Report of the junta of November 17, 1846, produced by Senor de Bassoco, and embodied in Mr. The understanding that the supreme government accedes to the petition.” “His Excellency [i.e. Its evident intention was to suggest the approval by the federal government of the settlement proposed to be made, and which the junta had expressed its willingness and even anxiety to enter into. This objection is predicated on the bottom that each one muniments of title are incident to the land, and move with it as if a half of it. But with regard to the inferences sought to be drawn towards the genuineness of the actas, from conjectures as to the probable time of the arrival of the dispatches in Mexico, it seems to me apparent, on any speculation that these dispatches must have been delivered, and Castillero have arrived in Mexico, in time for him to present himself before the junta on the 6th, as their minutes present. That Castillero may need reached Mexico in the first days of May, is evident from the truth that he left Acapulco on the 24th of April. From the foregoing, it appears that the evidence on the part of the United States is inadequate, not solely to disprove, however even to raise a doubt as to the very fact of the reception of Castillero’s letters and specimens, or of his own appearance before the junta at the dates talked about in the actas of that physique. the president] has been happy to approve, in all its parts, the agreement made with that individual [viz., Castillero] in order to commence the working of mentioned mine.” Not to the United States, for they are the muniments of title to his own land. Gillespie, a replica of which is found in his consular guide, which Mr. Larkin’s letter to Capt. It sets forth the phrases of that contract with a clearness which leaves no room for doubt as to what it was that the supreme government permitted. The language of the dispatch is, subsequently, evidently inaccurate in talking of the approval of the agreement made or “convenio celebrado” with Castillero. Myself or Pina will leave in it, or each collectively. I am solely detained waiting the arrival of the division which may contact here in a day or two.” We have already had occasion to notice the letters addressed by Castillero whereas in this country to Gen. Swasey swears to have written himself. So far again because the Ordinances of 1783, quicksilver had been the subject of distinct and special laws. Larkin that his letters have this moment arrived “per Hannah.” “This vessel sails shortly, and will carry communications of what has occurred lately. Portsmouth, 1st April, 1846,” and informs Mr. Of the proofs provided in support of the genuineness of the documents exhibited. The proven fact that it was indispensably essential to the extraction of the precious metals gave to it an exceptional character, and an ample and low cost supply of it had been acknowledged as essential to the event of the mineral wealth of Spain and Mexico. The claimants have also produced, and filed as an exhibit, an unique report made by the Junta de Fomento to the Minister of Justice relative to the issues confided to its care. It is pointless to extract at length the passages on this report, during which reference is made to Castillero’s discovery, and the action of the government upon it. Archives of the junta, and the genuineness of his personal rubrics and people of his colleagues affixed to them. Lafragua, Minister of Relations, and skim earlier than that body on the 14th, fifteenth, and sixteenth December, 1846. This report is embodied in a report made to the national Congress by Jose M. Vallejo, on the christening of whose baby he had assisted, and who thus turned his compadre. On the 14th of May, the receipt of the communication from the Minister of Justice dated May 9 is famous. On the 4th of May, the receipt of the letter of the Director inserting the report of the junta Faculatativa is noted, and it is resolved that it be transcribed to the supreme government, representing that a reply has been made to Senor Castillero, asking him what type of protection or assistance he requires. In these minutes, amongst a great number of different entries, we find a report of the action of the junta from the reception of the specimens of cinnabar to the cost of the Notary Calapiz, when additional proceedings were abandoned. On the twenty ninth of May, is a notice of an order for the fee of $25 to the Notary Calapiz, for proceedings within the instrument of agreement which had been made with Castillero to assist his quicksilver enterprise &c. The unique dispatch of Becerra to the Minister of Relations, is said by Miranda and Yrisarri, to be in the handwriting of the previous. Quintanar, an employee of the Ministry of Relations in 1846. This letter is dated “U.S.S. The “acuerdo” on the margin is said by Castillo Lanzas to be in his own handwriting and signed along with his genuine rubric; and the draft of the dispatch addressed by him to Pio Pico, to be in the handwriting of Mr. The unique dispatch addressed to Pio Pico is proved to be within the handwriting of A. On the 6th of May, the actas present that Don Andres Castillero appeared and made a verbal report &c., and the junta resolved that Senor Castillero ought to current his indications in writing. On the 25th of May is a like notice of the receipt of Becerra’s dispatch of the twentieth, law firm Albania approving the agreement made with Castillero &c., and a decision of the junta that the right judicial agreement be drawn up instantly &c. De Velasco, by Castillo Lanzas, law firm South Korea and by Velasco himself. The signature of Castillo Lanzas is proved by Lafrague, former Minister of Relations in Mexico, by Velasco, who wrote the dispatch, and by Castillo Lanzas himself. Almazan, Chief Clerk of the Ministry of Encouragement, Colonization &c., certifying to the official character of Segura, Administrator of the Mining Fund, and to that of Couto, the Secretary, and that the archives of the office are in management of the latter, and likewise to their signatures and seals. It is the exclusion of a potential conclusion which could otherwise have been drawn. There have been also transmitted by Moral to the junta, at the similar time, some specimens of cinnabar which had been delivered to him by Pina. “to take care that justice is punctually and fully administered in first situations by Judges of that grade, if there be such, or by alcaldes, or Judges of the Peace.” It is contended, that inasmuch as these tribunals existed in some elements of Mexico, it was the obligation of the discoverer to handle himself to the one nearest to his mine; and that that tribunal alone had jurisdiction in the premises. I have due to this fact addressed myself for data to several persons expert in that language. I don’t fake to have the ability to decide, from a knowledge of the Spanish, which is the true translation of the phrase. These Special Tribunals had been within the federal territory abolished by the Constitution of 1826 and by the regulation of 1837. The phrase, “and without prejudice to their rights as discoverers,” &c., is evidently meant to guard in opposition to interpretation of the availability prejudicial to the rights of the discoverers. They all concur in adopting the interpretation suggested by the claimants. With respect to him who denounces a place or waters for establishing works, and working the machines needed for the reduction of ores, which are known as haciendas, supplied they don’t include more land, nor use extra water than may be essential.” Grant the land, supplied I didn’t embody the land needed for cultivation, and due to this fact I made the grant.”

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