Indeed, you. We’re continually searching for new writers. On the off chance that you have a thought that will challenge our readers and push our industry ahead, we need to catch wind of it. However, you don’t have to sit tight for a thought that will rethink website architecture. Simply plan to bring readers a new point of view on a subject that is keeping you up  time. 

We’ll be honest, however: composing for Rugusat takes work. We need your article to be at its best, and we’ll push you to arrive. When acknowledged, you’ll get broad input from our group, and you’ll work intimately with a supervisor on corrections. 

It’s likewise fulfilling. A large number of your companions (and expected businesses, customers, or publishers) will peruse your work, and you’ll additionally become familiar with a great deal simultaneously—about communicating your thoughts, about writing to us, and even about the point you thought you definitely knew well when you start.


Regardless of whether you are simply beginning as an author or have long periods of experience, getting distributed on an internationally perceived distribution like Rugusat is extraordinary for your CV.

Guidelines for All Contributors

  1. Article length: Must be Minimum 1000 words to maximum 2500 words.

One relevant image ( maximum limit is two )

Hyperlinks ( minimum one to maximum of 2 links are allowed)

  1. The best pitches show nature with and our moral qualities (read under Our Mission). You’ll have a lot more prominent possibility of progress on the off chance that you contribute some time assessing our site to ensure your contribution is in line with our main goal. Our crowd incorporates all, yet we speak to the settler point of view. 
  1. We work with an unmistakable detachment among news and sentiment. We invite pitches for every one of our segments – 
  • Travel,
  • Technology,
  • Policy, 
  • Politics, 
  • Health, 
  • Education, 
  • Economy and Arts and Culture, 
  • other than News and Commentary. 
  1. It would be ideal if you guarantee you follow CP Style Guide (don’t utilize honorifics, for example, Mr./Ms./and so forth except if Prof./Dr. are applicable to the piece). 
  1. A perspective must be supported up by in any event 5 recognizable sources, regardless of whether they would prefer not to be cited in the story. Giving a rundown of sources is useful. (Statements ought to be real, verbatim and unedited, aside from linguistic blunders.) 
  1. Make a point to illuminate all abbreviations in the main reference. Expect as meager as could reasonably be expected. (for instance, explain NDP in the primary case: New Democratic Party). Keep in mind, our readers incorporate the individuals who may have quite recently shown up in Canada. 
  1. It would be ideal if you embed hyperlinks to related substances to give setting and further perusing. Ideally, connection to our own detailing/discourse. 
  1. Continuously propose photos, representations or recordings that could go with your story, and make certain to unmistakably distinguish the substance and wellspring of any visual material in a going with inscription. 
  1. All in all, we ask that photos be sent at 640 pixels x 434 (Medium Flickr size). 
  1. Stories ought to preferably be 800 words and should act naturally contained: every story must answer all the undeniable inquiries and give sufficient setting. 
  1. We like to profile our pundits, so please connect a headshot of yourself and a short bio while submitting supposition pieces. If it’s not too much trouble make the bio pertinent to the remark or conclusion you are contributing. 
  1. We will react to your story, thought or pitch when we are capable ( 72 hours). 
  1. Send your pitches to
  1. We have confidence in participatory news-casting and worth your criticism. Don’t hesitate to say something regarding any part of the site. 
  1. In the wake of presenting a story or examination, let us know whether any new advancements rise that would require a subsequent piece by either yourself or another person from the newsroom. 
  2. Once published your article, will get back via email address from which you have submitted the article.
  3. If we find relevant articles from the contributors, we typically submit the article in 3-5 business days.
  4.  We are making a contributor’s article with specialized features like no other platform that you can enhance your Linkedin profile by hyperlinks as an author or a writer. Make sure you don’t miss to add to your profile link while submitting to us. 

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